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To make an appointment, log in to the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal at 

What is the Referral Process for TRICARE Prime at the MTF or Direct Care System?

Your PCM or specialty provider enters a referral into the military health system at your MTF.

If the specialty service is not available, your referral will go to the referral management office for processing to the network. Within seven to 10 business days, you should receive an email with instructions on scheduling an appointment with a civilian specialist. The patient may call Humana Military at 800-444-5445 for assistance before actually receiving the email.   The patient may then contact the civilian specialist’s office to schedule an appointment. The access-to-care (ATC) standard for scheduling an initial appointment for routine specialty care is 28 days.

If you have questions about a network referral call the Humana Customer Service at 800-444-5445.

Find out more about how to obtain the necessary referral and authorization.

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